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We want to add value to elite female athletes all over the world by hosting live events.

The Athlete Advancement Series is a new global event initiative specifically designed for elite female athletes. The content of the event series is aimed to provide athletes with the tools they need to develop new commercial opportunities and to build a powerful personal brand.

The Athlete Advancement Series launched on April 13th 2022 with its first live event in London, UK. The event focused on personal brand-building best practices for social media, the role of data in driving and proving value and the commercialisation of personal brands through sponsorships. We saw over 40 elite female athletes in attendance and the event was supported by adidas, Bio-Synergy & a London Law Firm.

The Athlete Advancement Series 2.0 took place on the 9th August 2022, in London, UK and aimed to provide elite female athletes with further commercial knowledge and insight. It was predominately focussed on legal considerations and saw top-ranked sports lawyers, who advise some of the world’s most renowned sportspeople and sports brands, discussing a range of topics to address some of the complex considerations and demands placed on the modern day female athlete. The 2.0 event saw over 50 elite female athletes in attendance and was supported by SAMURAI and Bio-Synergy.

The Athlete Advancement Series 3.0, in partnership with adidas, took place on 10th November 2022 in Manchester, UK and aimed to provide athletes with an understanding of the relationship between elite athletes, global brands and agents. For an athlete, navigating her way through the commercial landscape can be quite overwhelming and at times, seem near impossible. We provided the expertise required to explore and take steps towards securing sponsorship.

The Athlete Advancement Series is an invitation-only event. For more information, please email

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