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Dealing with the Pressure of a Major Tournament

Exclusively for our Advancement Zone community, former England Netball Captain Pamela Cookey gives us her insight into how an athlete can deal with the pressure of competing at a World Cup.

What would you say to any player considering a career in media after they retire?

Like anything, the professionals make it look easy but it is not! Ha. The same commitment you put in as a player you need to have the same dedication.

Don’t be afraid to tell people your ambitions, the worst they can say is “no, there are currently no positions available” the best is they guide you on how to be ready for when they come.

The great thing about sport now is that it offers more opportunities to women in the media space though it is still challenging.

I do love still being a part of the sport I have held so dear for so long and we have a lot of fun. As women’s sport grows so will those opportunities across various sectors such as administration, officiating, event management etc

What would be your 3 top pieces of advice for the players ahead of the World Cup? (E.g. tips for dealing with pressure etc.)

  1. Make time for yourself and rest. It is an intense schedule - 8 games in 10 days! When you have down time make sure you use it wisely and come up for air from the netball rollercoaster.

  2. Nerves are a good thing, they mean you care. You will make mistakes at some points, so recover quickly and move onto the next job. After the game you can reflect, learn and reset.

  3. Appreciate and Enjoy it. What a great honour to be selected to represent your country on the world stage. You are the best and were chosen for a reason, all the hard work has been done to get there. So, soak in the atmosphere, take a deep breath, smile and go out and be the best of you.


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