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WSA Founder, Jordan Guard summarises what the F1 Academy can do for women in motorsport

The F1 Academy becoming a support series for Grand Prix events will provide significant exposure and opportunities for female motorsport drivers. Historically, motorsport has been male-dominated and female drivers have faced challenges in gaining equal recognition and opportunities in the sport. By having the F1 Academy as a support series for major events, it could help in addressing some of these issues and fostering inclusivity in motorsport.

Increased exposure for female drivers through the F1 Academy could lead to greater visibility for their talents and achievements. This heightened visibility might attract more sponsors, media coverage and support from fans, thereby increasing the overall interest and investment in female motorsport.

Furthermore, with more opportunities to showcase their skills at prestigious events, female drivers may have better chances to impress team owners and scouts. This could result in more female talents being noticed and potentially advancing to higher levels of motorsport, including the chance to compete in Formula 1 or other elite racing series.

Nonetheless, it's important to note that mere exposure alone may not be sufficient to achieve full gender equality in motorsport. Addressing underlying structural and cultural barriers is crucial to ensure that female drivers have equal access to resources, opportunities and support within the sport. Additionally, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment is essential for female drivers to thrive and succeed in motorsport.

This heightened visibility through Grand Prix events can lead to positive stories and narratives about female drivers' achievements, showcasing their dedication, talent and determination. Such positive media representation can inspire young girls to pursue their passion for motorsport without feeling limited by their gender.

The presence of the F1 Academy as a support series shows that opportunities are available for talented female drivers, providing tangible proof that it is possible for girls to compete at high levels in motorsport. The F1 Academy provides a clear pathway and incentive for them to work hard, train and improve their skills with the hope of one day competing at the highest levels of motorsport.

Although it’s important to see young female drivers coming through, it’s necessary to consider the other career paths the F1 Academy can introduce young girls to. The broad exposure can encourage girls to find their passion in the industry whether that be engineering, mechanics or team managing.

As the exposure of females in motorsport increases, it can lead to the growth of a supportive community of fans, sponsors and mentors who rally behind female talents. This sense of community can provide encouragement and backing for young girls pursuing motorsport careers.

To ensure the continuous growth and development of not only the F1 Academy but female motorsport in general, the stakeholders and teams need to consider the ongoing development of talent. Expanding scouting efforts, supporting multiple grassroot racing programmes and collaborating with national federations ensures a steady influx of promising drivers.

Talent not only needs to be found but nurtured through coaching and training programmes, encompassing driving skills, physical fitness, mental resilience and media training to prepare them for the demanding world of motorsport. As female motorsport continues to grow, drivers should be promoted through marketing and media coverage, showcasing their achievements and progress to generate interest and support from fans, sponsors and the wider motorsport community.

For female drivers to fully flourish in this environment, strategic partnerships with sponsors, racing teams and other stakeholders need to be forged to secure funding and resources. The most important step is to continue a strong relationship with Formula 1 teams, creating a clear pathway for F1 Academy drivers.

Similar to other women’s sports, the industry and exposure is developing at such a fast pace it is sometimes difficult for the athletes to stay ahead of the curve.

The Women’s Sports Alliance plays a crucial role in providing support and opportunities for young female drivers in various ways:

Expert Guidance

The WSA can help young female drivers navigate the challenges of motorsport and gain valuable insights from trusted experts across a range of areas.

Networking Opportunities

Female drivers can connect with other athletes, teams, sponsors and industry leaders through networking and events facilitated by the WSA, such as the Athlete Advancement Series.

Personal Branding Development and Training

To enhance driving skills and overall development, WSA can provide access to high quality training programmes, workshops and resources that will enhance an athlete's ability to build her personal brand and drive her commercial value.

Exposure and Visibility

The WSA can produce and direct short films that athletes can use as promotional material for sponsorship discussions. WSA actively promote young female drivers through its media channels and partnerships, helping to increase their visibility and raise awareness of their achievements and potential.

By providing comprehensive support and advocacy for young female drivers, the Women's Sports Alliance can make a significant impact in nurturing talent, breaking down barriers and advancing gender equality in motorsport. Although there is a lot of work to do, the future of motorsport for women is looking bright.


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