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Jasmin Taylor is a British telemark skier, who holds the record for the British skier with the most World Cup and World Championships medals. She won medals at the 2015, 2017 and 2023 World Telemarking Championships.

Jasmin Taylor | Ruthless Pursuit | British Skier | Women's Sports Alliance
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With 39 World Cup podiums to her name, Jaz is her nation’s most decorated winter sport athlete in history and last year she ended the season ranked second in the overall global Telemark World Cup standings.

“My name is Jasmin Taylor, but most people call me Jaz. I'm a Telemark skier from Great Britain.”


Jaz’s modesty is clear from our opening introductions. She is not just any skier from GB.


With 39 World Cup podiums to her name she is her nation’s most decorated winter sport athlete in history and last year she ended the season ranked second in the overall global Telemark World Cup standings.

“I’m a very energetic person and there's something about skiing that just makes me feel alive,” she tells the WSA with a beaming smile.


“There's this feeling of freedom you can find when you’re turning, accelerating, jumping and flying through the air. It captivated me as a child and still does now.”


As an elite sportswoman, standing in the gate at the top of the course, with the adrenaline pumping through her veins, she is ruthless in her pursuit of podium places.

Her honour-list reflects that almost merciless approach to competition which has seen her self-confession “single-minded” attitude essentially obliterate rivals on the slopes.


She looks embarrassed when we remind her about those stunning statistics.


If her sport were in the Olympics, she would likely be a household name and reminded about her achievements on a much more regular basis. Alas, telemark is not currently part of the Olympic programme and as such, the skier does not find accepting praise easy.


Jaz finds comparisons with other athletes and sports “difficult” as in her mind, she can always do more.

Success and Achievements


“I think I might be successful probably just because I don't give up,” she insists. “I just keep going and going and can't let it go.”


“I’m proud of what I’ve achieved, but I find it difficult being compared to other athletes and I definitely overanalyse my performances sometimes.”


When we ask about the ‘proudest moment’ of her career Jaz gives a short, almost reluctant laugh. It generates memories of what she now fully understands as “imposter syndrome.”


“My greatest achievement, actually, it's funny to answer that question because probably it’s my first World Championship medal (2015 bronze), but it didn't actually feel like much of an achievement at the time,” she recalls.

“I couldn't quite compute what happened. Was there a reason I won it? Did others not perform, was I lucky? I used to spend a lot of energy on things like this.”


“Sometimes you get a good result, but you've not done your best performance, then equally you sometimes have a poor result but have done your best.”


“I’m learning to find more of the self-satisfaction through doing a best performance rather than focusing on results.”


“Looking back though, that (World Bronze) was a big moment as was winning my first World Cup (in 2017), but even now talking it about it feels surreal so I guess it takes time to sink in!”


Jaz may not have always recognised the impressive nature of her successes but does appreciate the “fight” she has shown on and off the slopes.”

Funding Progress


She recalls putting an advert in her local newsletter requesting items people no longer needed which she could sell at a car-boot-sale to help fund her progress in the sport.


The response was “overwhelming” and resourcefulness has been a key component in her career, given Telemark is not in the Olympics and therefore ineligible for UK Sport funding.



Perseverance is also a crucial characteristic she feels others need to show if they are to follow in her footsteps, but she also has other advice for aspiring skiers."


“When you’re getting started you feel so many emotions, excitement, stress, anxiety and many more,” states the two-time World Championship medallist.


“Balancing those is crucial because over time you realise there’s no such thing as the ‘perfect preparation’ – you’ve often not slept properly, or you've not eaten exactly what you should have and you learn you can just never control absolutely everything.”


“The races that have always been the best for me have been when I have just been able to let go of controlling everything and just thought, ‘come on, let's just have fun!’ and then it all falls into place.”



Jaz spent the European summer months in the southern hemisphere, training and giving skiing lessons to youngster in Australia.


She described it as “one of the best experiences” of her life and heads into the new season “refreshed” and ready for the challenges it will bring.


“I know the Olympics isn’t going to happen for Telemark during my career now, but it’s about making the most of the time I have left in the sport,” she tells the WSA.


“I still have dreams, ambitions and targets.


“I really want to get into a position where I can be the best in the world – but I also want to make sure I’m enjoying every moment to the maximum.”


Jasmin Taylor’s Telemark World Cup season will begin on the Hintertux Glacier in Austria from 2nd-3rd December 2022. You can follow her journey via her Insta feed and website.

A note from Jordan Guard on Jaz.


“Jasmin is the most down to earth person I think I’ve ever met. From spending the day with her, it is so clear that she’s a phenomenal person before she’s anything else. She deserves all the success she has had so far and I know that when the time comes for her to stop competing, she’ll be an outstanding role model for the next generation of British skiers. I feel very lucky to have watched her tame the slopes (indoor, but still) in real life.”


Jordan Guard, WSA Founder.

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