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Birmingham 2023 – World Trampoline Championships Preview

“I'm so excited for the World Championships here in Birmingham and I’m really excited to be able to compete in front of a massive home crowd,” two-time Olympic medallist Bryony Page tells the Women’s Sports Alliance (WSA).

Bryony Page, Megan Kealy and Beth Williamson who are all competing at the 2023 World Trampoline Championships

Images from British Gymnastics

The 2023 World Trampoline Championships will present athletes from the discipline with their first opportunity to claim places for their respective nations at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

The competition, which runs from 9-19 November, also features two other sports; DMT (double mini-trampoline) and Tumbling, in what is the biggest sporting event to take place in the city since the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Ahead of the World Championships the Women’s Sports Alliance (WSA) spoke with Britain’s leading athletes in each of the disciplines to learn about their career and Birmingham 2023 prospects:

· Double Olympic medallist Bryony Page (Trampoline)

· Four-time World champion Megan Kealy (Tumbling)

· European champion Beth Williamson (DMT)

Q – What do you each love about your respective sports and disciplines?

Bryony Page who is competing at the 2023 World Trampoline Championships

Bryony Page - images from British Gymnastics

BRYONY (trampoline): “Oh gosh, so many things!

“I love learning new skills and of course there’s the freedom you feel with the speed and the height when you’re on the trampoline.”

MEGAN (tumbling): “I love that it’s exciting and no two days are the same.

“It’s exciting, powerful, energetic and gives you a real thrill, but it’s also very nerve-wracking so the adrenaline is always up there!”

BETH (DMT): “My sport is like vault and trampolining combined, so you run, you jump and then you've got to land in a red box. My favourite thing about it is probably that it's so fast paced!

“The tiniest mistake means the whole thing can go wrong, so you're like on the edge of seat watching it, but when you’re competing and land it, it’s an amazing feeling and you just want to run around screaming!”

Q – What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Megan Kealy who is competing at the 2023 World Trampoline Championships

Megan Kealy - Image from British Gymnastics

BRYONY: “I think it would have to be to enjoy it, be yourself and follow the journey the way that you want to, but don’t take things for granted.”

MEGAN: “Never give up on a bad day, always try your hardest and better days will come.

“I stick to that and it definitely makes the good days more rewarding, but I’d also say to others that they need to enjoy it in the present because these moments don’t last forever.”

BETH: “Be confident with everything that you do.

“It’s not easy, but if you’re not confident things tend to go wrong, but if you’re feeling good then things work out and having that belief can be a game-changer!”

Q – How much are you looking forward to the Birmingham 2023 World Championships?

Beth Williamson who is competing at the World Trampoline Championships

Beth Williamson - image from British Gymnastics

BRYONY: “I'm really excited about having the having a home crowd and the real vibrancy you feel in a home competition arena.

“I was here for the 2011 World Championships, so it’s amazing that it’s now come full circle and it’s lovely that friends and family will be able ot come and watch because it can make a really big difference!”

MEGAN: “I'm very excited that the World Championships is coming to Birmingham because it gives the UK a chance to see our sport and what it’s all about.

“It makes a big difference when someone's shouting for you in the audience and there’s lots of noise because it definitely gives you more adrenaline and makes the event more exciting!”

BETH: “I’m really excited because it’s not often you have friends and family able to come and watch you compete but as it’s in Birmingham they’ll hopefully all be there.

“The World Championships is going to be a really big show and I can’t wait to begin!”


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