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Aranza Vazquez: Olympian On Diving Dreams And Winning Medals For Mexico

“Representing Mexico is so special,” Aranza Vazquez tells the WSA. “We have this feeling to go for our dreams, but also this courage to push for them even when there are people telling us not to, so putting the flag up there (on the podium) makes us so proud!”

Image courtesy of World Aquatics / Tsutomu Kishimoto

Her beaming smile lights up the room as she enters for her post-event portfolio profile pictures and it is immediately clear just why so much positivity emanates from her.

Aranza Vazquez has been a serial medal-winner since childhood, but until July this year the USA-based diver had never tasted success at the highest level.

A quick rummage in her pockets produces two freshly secured World Championship medals – individual 1m bronze and team silver. in a sport so often dominated by the Chinese.

These emotions, here in Japan following Fukuoka 2023, were in stark contrast to those she had felt after leaving the country two years earlier following the Tokyo Olympics.

Despite an encouraging sixth-place finish in the 3m event, the post Games comedown left her suffering “depression” and she contemplated her future in the sport.

“It was mentally so hard and I felt so many emotions, but now I’m so proud of myself,” she tells the WSA.

Ahead of the 2023 Pan-America Games the Women’s Sports Alliance caught up with Aranza, who is targeting further success in Santiago.

Image courtesy of @aranza_vazquez_montano

Q – What was it that drew you to the sport of diving?

“I started diving when I was four, so I never really tried any other sports because I just loved the feeling of flying in the air for a few seconds before hitting the water,” she tells the WSA.

“I love the adrenaline and the nerves that I feel when I'm competing. It’s that feeling of uncertainty and not knowing what’s going to happen until the end, but also the feeling that it might be one of my best dives and that puts me on the podium.

“Catching the board, going as high as I can, doing flips and landing on my head, it’s just an incredible feeling I enjoy so much!”

Q – It can take years to perfect a new dive you have been working on, so how does it feel when you finally ‘land’ the routine you have been dreaming of?

“Oh, that's the best feeling!

“There are no words to describe it when you’re struggling with a dive and then all of a sudden on the day of competition you hit it and you're in the podium.

“It's just a bunch of emotions, but knowing that all the hard work you’ve put in has finally paid off with that dive is such a great sensation.”

Images courtesy of @aranza_vazquez_montano

Q – Mexico has won more Olympic medals in diving than any other sport, so what is it like to be part of a team with such a legacy?

“I love being a Mexican diver and I’m so proud to represent Mexico.

“We have this belief to go for our dreams and we have this courage to keep going even when someone tells us not to.

“The Mexican team has always been good at diving, so being part of this history and being part of this team means everything to me.

Q – How proud does it make you feel when you’re able to step onto the podium for Mexico at a major event – like the World Championships?

“Having the flag up there (on the podium) and it be because of me, makes me so proud.”

“I've been working on my dives, I've been working on my nerves and I've been working on the way I compete so when it finally pays off, it’s just amazing.

“Being on the podium and just seeing your flag in the screen or seeing your flag hanging up high with the other two (national) flags is incredibly satisfying.”

Q – What would you say is your proudest moment and after success at the Worlds and NCAA’s, what is your next goal?

“My proudest moment definitely was being in the finals at my first Olympic Games two years ago,” she tells the WSA.

“It was an unreal experience to reach the finals at my first Olympic Games and now my dream is to go again to the Olympics, but this time hopefully get a medal.

“I believe I can fight for the podium now (after success at the World Championships) and I know it's such a big possibility.”


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